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September 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hello my cookies and muffins and Leticia!

Last day of school today, YAY.

Holidays for two weeks! Except Leticia is ditching me and going to New Zealand! Ditcherrrrr. Nahs.. you're gonna have fun babe!

And aww cutest friendship lyrics ever!

I'm just going to say that before I moved schools I didn't have a best friend.. Well I did but the friendship was dying and I felt all aloney on my lonesome anyway and then I met Leticia! On our first day of school she surprised me by asking "have you seen any hot guys yet?" she hasn't changed :)

bffls buffallo!

We love lollipops so umm feel free to buy us some?

We talk on the phone for 90 minutes each time, daddy says we gonna get ear cancer :(

We don't like bitches, nopes.

grararara we LOVE chris brown. Can't believe we can't go to his concert so gay arrrghah.

I'm gonna be a singerrrrr even if i'm just singing at crappo gigs.

Leticia will definitely be famous.

I'll be Paris, you be Nicole.

I'll ALWAYS be there.. to pluck your eyebrows.

And... Be your friend :)

I don't know if I'd ever be able to find a guy good enough for you.

You deserve only the best poobum!!
Lots of Loveee